Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Basic Sewing Skills Ribbon Bookmark

Tonight for our class activities we are going to review clothing and laundry basics and things you need to know to maintain your clothing. I am in charge of the basic sewing skills, so we are going to make this bookmark. It uses a piece of ribbon (whatever length you want to fit your book), a hair band elastic, a button and needle with thread.  (To prevent fraying, I used a lighter to melt the ends of the ribbon, just a tip!)

1st- They will learn to thread a needle 
2nd- They will  learn to do a basic stitch to close in the end with the elastic band

3rd- They will sew a button on the other end of the ribbon



  1. like it. must try

  2. What a novel idea, can't wait to make these with my grandchildren

  3. 'novel' idea...haha love it.

    Very cute, simple craft. Shared it with my Beehive leader daughter. :)